It is my great pleasure to present you with a new printed issue of “Atari Fan”, dedicated to all computers and game consoles with „Fuji” sign. It’s the first English edition of the magazine that has been printed in Poland with some breaks for some time now. After 12 years since the last issue, we decided (me and Peter – Piotr Krużycki) to reactivate it with the number 5 issue that had its debut during the international computers and consoles event Atari Silly Venture in 2017. Issue number 6 was published last year. Now it’s time to show it to the world and print it in English.

In this issue, apart from selected articles from the Polish version, you will also find completely new articles presenting results of new devices tests that you can find in HARDWARE part and reviews of new games in SOFTWARE section. Other parts of the newspaper include NEWS devoted to equipment and games, etc. In PEOPLE section, you will find information about famous people connected with Atari society as well as interviews. This issue contains interview with one of the most famous people from big Atari – Rudoplh Czuba. There is also OTHER section with other information e.g. reports from conventions. Thus, we hope to prepare successive issues of the magazine.

This magazine is dedicated to all the people who are fans and users of Atari computers and game consoles, beginning with first consoles, Atari 2600 up to more recent products like Atari Jaguar. We will present some equipment details and reviews of old and new games, starting with 8-bit computers and ending with 32-bit ones. There will also be some information about Atari clones such as Hades or Firebee.

You should know that the newspaper is put together on Atari computers or the clones. Most of the work is done on Atari Falcon 030 with CT63 and CTPCI with the use of graphic card Radeon fullHD). The other computer used in the process is Hades 060, clone of Atari TT especially adapted to DTP usage. Everything was put together, as you probably already know, with the use of legendary Calamus SLC 2015 „Complete Edition” (you will find some photos of the process on the inner side of the cover).

There is a QR code added to articles conveying additional materials (links, films, etc). It will direct you to our web page with all the materials. We intend to connect our paper issue with our page online.

We hope that with this issue we will become a constant guest in your homes. We want our magazine to be published at least twice a year. All the information can be found on our page ( We invite you to share your opinions and to cooperate with our editorial team especially those of you who would like to write articles for next issues.

Chief editor
Piotr „Kroll” Mietniowski


Table of contents:


♂ Interview – Rodolphe Czuba
♂ Jay Miner – a difficult question to Commodore


⚙ The C distortion in POKEY sound generator
⚙ Thunder, Storm and Lightning VME extensions for Atari TT computers
⚙ Fujinet


☆ Best game for Atari 7800? Rikki and Vikki review
☆ Infiltrator
☆ The phenomenon of the Mission game
☆ The Rescue Expedition
☆ Web browsers for Atari ST/TT/Falcon
☆ MP3 for STE – RAW “We don’t allow any audiophiles into our class”
☆ Cometball and Endless Summer Surfing – review of new games for Atari Falcon and TT


Between big and small Atari
♨ News from ABBUC
♨ Error in line 99 – the party report
♨ Games story


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